The primary goals of the Institutional Contact Map are to (a) facilitate communication and collaboration amongst participating CLA and CWRA institutions and (b) provide
institutions that are considering participating in the CLA or CWRA with a resource to view or contact currently enrolled peers. Institutions, by their very participation in the CLA or
CWRA, signal their belief in the importance of authentically connecting teaching, learning, and assessment, as well as their belief that collectively we can all work to improve
By selecting and deselecting the checkboxes toward the upper right hand corner of the map, you may isolate the
points on the map to display only colleges & universities (CLA participants) or only high schools (CWRA participants).
You may focus on specific geographic areas of the country by using the "zoom box" feature. Hovering your icon over the
map will bring this and other icons up, such as the “home” icon which will return the map to a view of the continental
United States. Do not worry, Hawaii, Alaska, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, as schools are represented as well. To view
them, simply click on the zoom out button (the minus sign).
Hovering your cursor over specific dots will provide additional information about  each participating institution, such
as: institution name, state, school type, and zip code. For those schools that have elected to share their direct contact
details, that information will be presented when hovering over the corresponding dot as well.
For those simply looking for a list of institutions participating in the 2011-2012 CLA or CWRA, please click here.
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