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New York, NY, August 20, 2012 - CAE is pleased to announce that it has named Dr. Tony
Wagner--author of
Creating Innovators and The Global Achievement Gap--as Senior Fellow.
Wagner has long advocated for fundamental changes in education, emphasizing the
importance of investing in better and more authentic assessment systems as a key element
in improving instruction. Dr. Wagner's lectures and written works regularly stress the
importance of teaching and measuring the types of skills--including critical thinking and
problem solving--on which the CWRA focuses.

"CAE is doing truly groundbreaking work in developing assessments of the skills that matter
most in the 21st century. I am excited to be part of this dynamic organization," said Wagner.

In his roll as Senior Fellow, Dr. Wagner will assist in the development of formative uses of
CAE's innovative assessments, consulting with school districts across the country that have
adopted or are considering adoption of the College & Work Readiness Assessment (CWRA).

It has been our pleasure to work with Dr. Wagner over the past several years," said Dr.
James Merrill, Superintendent of Virginia Beach City Public Schools. "He has provided a
sharp focus for us on the skills necessary to ready our students for college and work. Dr.
Wagner's support of the CWRA went a long way in helping us decide to become a member

Dr. Wagner's involvement couldn't have come at a better time. CAE is preparing for changes
in the educational landscape that will result from almost nationwide acceptance of the
Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and adoption of Race to the Top Assessments.

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